Such a popular song so I’ve tried to make it as obscure as I can: The houses look the same with their brick walls, white windows and front gardens freshly mown. The gravel on the drives has been swept, the hanging baskets are watered. They look empty as I walk out of the cul-de-sac where


It was Saturday night. Ben pulled on his t-shirt then finished arranging his hair before he picked up the phone and called Bill. “Woohoo. There’s only one word for it, woohoo. We need to go out. I’m really excited, Bill.” “I keep telling you, don’t call me Bill. That’s too old. I’m William. Will…I…am.” Ben


To say he was in love with her would be too much, he never said that. Brian was over six feet and blond, his long hair like a white streak of lightning down his back. He wore skinny t-shirts, blue denim jeans and sneakers every day, he had a wardrobe full of them. He was

Last train – a tribute “Hello, is that Mary?” “I can only just about hear you, Mary. The line’s not good and there’s a lot of noise here.” “I’m at the station. Yes, that’s right, overnight. We all have to leave in the morning on the troop train. It’s taking us across to the coast, there’s a big army