It was Saturday night. Ben pulled on his t-shirt then finished arranging his hair before he picked up the phone and called Bill.

“Woohoo. There’s only one word for it, woohoo. We need to go out. I’m really excited, Bill.”

“I keep telling you, don’t call me Bill. That’s too old. I’m William. Will…I…am.”

Ben knew how to wind up his mate. And he loved to. It still amused him even after 10 years at school together.

“Aww, come on Bill. It’s Saturday. Let’s go watch the girls dance and have a ball.”

“Ok, Ben, but I don’t have any money, and if we do go out, don’t call me Bill.”

“Sorry, Will…I…am. I got money. Let’s go spend it. I’m feeling all stressed from this week anyway. Let’s go paint the town.”

“Ok, ok, Ben. I give in. Let’s do it.”

Ben skipped around his room, unable to contain his excitement at the prospect of partying all night with his friends, chasing women, living it up and generally causing a riot. He knew they were in for a good night.