To say he was in love with her would be too much, he never said that.

Brian was over six feet and blond, his long hair like a white streak of lightning down his back. He wore skinny t-shirts, blue denim jeans and sneakers every day, he had a wardrobe full of them. He was a happy person, soulful and fresh-faced.

He met Ruby at a party. It was yet another party at yet another friend of a friend, this time on a Tuesday night. At least he didn’t have a gig. Brian was usually the one getting all the attention from the girls, not just because of his looks but also his profession. Well, if you call it a profession. Brian was a guitar player in a rock and roll band. He could also play harmonica. How cool was that? The women flocked to him.
“Let the crown see the jewels.” His friend Paddy would say to him. (apologies to Paddy McGuiness ☺)

Ruby was different, her eyes, her looks and her attentive, sparkling personality. She fizzed. She didn’t chase, she just stood close and chatted with him with a confidence that flowed. He was intrigued.

She would never say where she came from, she didn’t talk about her past. She said she changed every day, she was free, unchained, and planned to stay that way. It was the only way to be. Of course, this made her all the more enchanting.

“There’s no time to lose, go grab your dreams before they slip away.” She smiled when she said it and he knew that he’d miss her.