“Hello, is that Mary?”

“I can only just about hear you, Mary. The line’s not good and there’s a lot of noise here.”

“I’m at the station. Yes, that’s right, overnight. We all have to leave in the morning on the troop train. It’s taking us across to the coast, there’s a big army base there.”

“What? What did you say? Yes, that’s right. It’s my last night here. We fly out to Vietnam tomorrow night.”

“I know, I know. I love you too. I’m gonna miss you bad. I’m feelin’ pretty low already.”

“But I’ve got a surprise for you. I need to see you, babe. I need you here by my side for one more night. One last kiss over a cup of coffee in the cafe here.”

“What’s that? Of course you can come. There’s still time.”

“Yes, I know, I love you too, my darlin’. I’ve made you a reservation.”

“What? Of course you can come. There’s one more train tonight you can catch. I’ve got you a seat on it. It gets here by four thirty. It’s the last train.”

“Don’t hang around, babe. Come now. I must see you one more time, and you know what, I may not come back.”

“I know, I know. I shouldn’t think like that should I. But I can’t help it. I’m feelin’ pretty low. Come and cheer me up. Take the last train and you can be here by four thirty. I’ll be waiting at the station.”

“Now, I must hang up the phone. I can’t hear you above all this noise. Come see me.”