Oxford Noir

(Image courtesy of https://nisolo.com/products/oliver-oxford-noir) When I googled Oxford Noir, I found pictures of black shoes. That makes sense I suppose. Then I started wondering what it would take to invent a new subgenre and have it appear on google so that Oxford Noir becomes crime fiction about Oxford, with Graham Dinton being its main exponent.


#CrimeFest17 here we come! Yes, I’m looking forward to the annual pilgrimage to attend www.crimefest.com. The inspiration will be fantastic, the buzz of new crime fiction, the atmosphere of tension and the creation of a reading list that will last me all year. A highlight will be hearing from Ann Cleeves. I wonder if she’ll

Emma Hawkins

I’ve always liked the name Emma for some reason that I can’t explain as I don’t think I’ve ever actually known an Emma. To me, it has a sound of someone in her thirties, and it has a literary pedigree from Jane Austen. Not that Emma Hawkins is much like Emma Woodhouse at first sight,