(Image courtesy of https://nisolo.com/products/oliver-oxford-noir)

When I googled Oxford Noir, I found pictures of black shoes. That makes sense I suppose. Then I started wondering what it would take to invent a new subgenre and have it appear on google so that Oxford Noir becomes crime fiction about Oxford, with Graham Dinton being its main exponent.

Perhaps Emma, my main character, is not dark enough or flawed enough. Noir fiction definitions say that the main protagonist should include self-destructive qualities. Does Emma have enough of those? Maybe more so next time.

Domestic Noir is a subgenre label invented by the excellent novelist Julia Crouch. See my post regarding lessons learned at CrimeFest. It can be described as fiction taking place in the domestic sphere with a challenging and somewhat dangerous prospect for the inhabitants.

So why not Oxford Noir then? It can be a dangerous place for the inhabitants at times too. At least in the world of fiction.

Take a look at Held to Ransom. Oxford Noir? You decide. If you do, surely Google will follow.