A short one this week…

I spend the entire week working hard, running the kind of business venture that is best not discussed in public. Somehow, I’ve ended up in this spot where I guess I am a bit of a bad person.
Finally we get to Saturday and I just want to take some time with you and enjoy the day.
Perhaps we could go to the park all day, or maybe we should go to the zoo and take in a movie later before we go home.

I don’t really mind, I’d just like to be with you. It feels good when we’re together, like we’re made for each other. You are such fun, you make me forget all about my stressful week.
I feel like I’m someone else altogether, someone who’s actually good.

But for some reason, you keep me waiting, you’re not too sure about me. I wonder whether you know about my dodgy dealings.

I can’t imagine a more perfect day than being with you.