This year the theme of this blog will emerge naturally, but it is important for me to set out the main idea of what the blog is about.

The purpose of my blog is to focus on the creative side of fiction writing for authors, also covering my own story developments, as well as techniques for fiction writing that I learn on the way.

It could cover other things, but that will be its focus and I will keep it as narrow as possible. The more focussed on creative fiction writing it is, the more interesting it will be.

I’m working on a number of posts. I’ve read that it is important to have a few in the bank ahead of time, so that I can make sure I post every Tuesday and every Friday. Regularity and consistency of the topic will be key.

My starting point is to get on with it , rather than keep on planning content.

Do, don’t dwell.

But there are a few basics to sort out today, before getting content in place on Friday.

The title is wrong. It’s not a journal. It’s going to be a blog focussed on fiction writing. So I’ll call it Graham Dinton’s Fiction Writing Blog – too wordy perhaps. How about ‘The Fiction Author’ – I need to be sure there aren’t names out there already that I shouldn’t bump into. Some research required.

The style is a bit too simple really – I could do with a better font, and more stylish format. I don’t want to go overboard at this stage – content first! But maybe some improvements by Friday will help.

Friday will be about character development. I’m a fan of characters driving the story, rather than place or plot. Characters first. So I’ll be summarising my top 5 character development ideas.