Weekly Tuesday story from a song lyric, seemed like the obvious choice this week, so I’ve tried to make it obscure..ish.

It was valentine morning and Wendy jumped into the shower early. She had a nine o’clock meeting, so it was important to get off to a good start to the day, but, more importantly for her, she wanted to be sure to leave the bathroom clear for Matthew.
She had moved in with him three months ago after a two year romance. He worked in accounts on the floor below hers and was the pick of the bunch in the office restaurant at lunchtimes, the subject of speculation from all the girls. Maureen was Wendy’s best friend and competitor when it came men.
“Bet he’s already taken, they usually are.” she said when they were on their way down in the lift one wet Wednesday in January.
“Who do you mean?”
“Who do I mean? Wendy, you know full well who I mean. I’ve seen you watching him with his tray of steaming sausages and mash.”
“Oh, you mean Matthew. Matthew the wonder charmer. No, he’s free as a bird. I know that for a fact. Well, I checked with HR last week.”
“Wendy, well, well, innocent little Wendy. You cheeky girl. Well you’re in with a good chance there, that’s for sure.”

That was it, Maureen got the bit between her teeth and set the ever-so-shy Wendy up for a date. She just came out and told Matthew while he was in the soup queue that very day.
“She’s interested you know. You only have to ask.”
And he did, later that afternoon, he just phoned her up and asked her out. And that was it. Two years later, here they were on valentine morning sharing an apartment and getting ready for work.

However, after the initial heat of passion, living together had become a bit of a challenge. They always needed the bathroom at the same time. Wendy to shower, the rest she could do in the bedroom, but Matthew seemed to spend hours in there preening himself and preparing himself for the day ahead. It had led to quite a few stormy journeys to work in the car together.

So, today, valentine’s day, Wendy decided to shower early and get going alone. She knew that if she stayed, she would only be in his way. So she went, knowing she would think of him every step of the way. She knew she would always love him, and it was her way to show it.